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got current a few days ago investor meeting For Nintendo shareholders, including the owners of the company’s shares were also able to ask questions. One of them was about working with a smartphone game developer DNA, For example, Nintendo works with this company to provide the infrastructure for its smartphone games such as Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. However, the Japanese company has now announced that want to sell shares in nintendo and “Take the initiative to deepen ties between companies“. Investor’s question was whether this statement refers to new or existing projects. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa Answered this.


This does not affect our cooperative corporate relationships. DeNA and Nintendo have forged a strong, trust-based relationship, collaborating to develop mobile apps and online services centered around Nintendo accounts. We plan to keep making progress in our cooperation. Although we cannot give any further details from our side, we would like to say that both companies have learned a lot from our cooperation over the past seven years, and we intend to further develop the cooperation between the two companies.

Do you play Nintendo titles on your smartphone?

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