Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con, Unexpected Uses Beyond Games | Gizmodo Japan

 Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con, Unexpected Uses Beyond Games |  Gizmodo Japan

From cameras to home security.

Nintendo Switch Controller “Joy-Con”Isn’t it surprising that its use isn’t limited to sports? If you have a controller you are not usingflow problemIf you have a controller in a troubled state, why not consider the following other uses?

alarm alarm

App for Nintendo Switch, sold for $2 (about 220 yen)spy alarmin “, using the infrared rays emitted from the Joy-Con to the right,home securitycan be extended. If you set the Joy-Con in the direction you want to monitor, it will sound an alarm when something is crossed and record a log. Oh, that’s a pretty complete function.

Note that the monitoring range is only up to 1 meter, so it can only be used to look at the door instead of the entire room, and you’ll need to turn on the Nintendo Switch for logging in. ..

spy alarm

You can choose from 4 types of voices from the app. You can’t select silence, so mute the Nintendo Switch if you don’t want it to sound. You can also adjust the sensitivity until the alarm is activated.

The Spy Alarm isn’t a complete security item, but it works well as far as Gizmodo reporters have tested it. You may want to use it as an accessory for those who have already started a security system.

android smartphone remote shutter

Actually Joy-Con,android smartphone camera app remote controlcan also be used asreddit videoAs offered, it is a convenient function for remote shooting by setting the smartphone at a remote location!

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To use this feature, press and hold the small sync button on the side of the Joy-Con until the next LED blinks. Then select Joy-Con from Android Settings app and pair it.


For example, with a Pixel smartphone, you can take a picture with the A button on the right controller. With Samsung smartphones, you can zoom in/out with the X and Y buttons, and shoot with the B. The function of these buttons seems to vary depending on the environment.

The Joy-Con on the left, on the other hand, can’t be used as a shutter, but you can operate and select menus with the joystick. You can use this to select the shutter button of the photography app.

also for pc game controllers

Besides, the Joy-Con is not only a Nintendo Switchgame controller for pccan also be used as Pairing is fine on one side or both sides of the controller, and the stick works fine.

To pair Windows and the Joy-Con, choose “Settings” → “Devices” → “Bluetooth & other devices” and select “Add Bluetooth & other devices.” Let’s put the Joy-Con in pairing mode by pressing the button above.


The Joy-Con works the same way on Windows, but some games may need to be adjusted. In such a case, “betterjoyYou can use a tool like “Steam” to make more detailed settings. In addition, a driver that can be used with the game stream service “Steam” is also included.betterjoywikiplease look.


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