No need to block contacts, here’s how to hide chats on WhatsApp Hide

Tak Perlu Blokir Kontak, Begini Cara Menyembunyikan Chat di WhatsApp

No need to block contacts, here’s how to hide chats WhatsApp

BANKAPOS.COM — WA beta info site that often leaks potential features application WhatsApp An update revealed the existence of an archived chat feature.

Reportedly, the “archive” feature update WhatsApp Now starting to spread to users Android As well as iOS beta versions.

Archiving isn’t really a new feature, but the mechanics have been changed in this update.

For the previous version, the “archive” feature was used to hide certain private or group chats from appearing on the homepage.

Although hidden, previously saved chats will return to the main view or home page when new messages arrive.

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Well, in the new version there is an option to keep the chat hidden so that it doesn’t appear on the homepage again, even if there are new messages. Similarly, new message notifications will not appear on the homepage of the chat room.

It allows users to completely hide notifications and messages without blocking contacts.

Different from blocking, messages from archived contacts will still be sent, but that person’s chats will not appear in the main view, so they can be ignored.

The “Archive” feature update is now starting to roll out to beta versions of Android and iOS users. KompasTekno got this feature quickly and can try it on WhatsApp beta Android version

Updated WhatsApp archive feature. (WA Beta Info) (WA Beta Info)


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