Nog PWR Solar Charging Panel: Charged With Solar Power

Nog PWR Solar Charging Panel: Charged With Solar Power

Just in time for the bikepacking and the start of the outdoor season, Australian lighting manufacturer Nog is introducing a foldable solar charging panel that uses the power of the sun to charge smartphones, tablets, action cameras, GPS devices or power banks with its PWR. Is. Module system on the go.

Nog PWR Solar: Info and Prices

Knog PWR Solar features four monocrystalline panels with SunPower Maxion Gen 5 solar cells that produce a maximum charging power of 10W.

  • Sturdy, foldable outdoor solar panels for battery charging
  • Charges mobile phone, smartwatch, tablet, action camera or nog PWR ecosystem
  • Display 10W
  • Relation usb a
  • Sunpower Maxion Gen 5 Premium Monocrystalline Solar Cells with 4 Panels
  • Intelligent chip technology for efficient charging
  • Dual-function LED display with 4 LEDs for charge status and efficiency
  • Foldable Case With Magnetic Closure And Durable ETFE Coating
  • Strong D-ring for hanging
  • Shape 175x105x35mm (closed), 540x175x17mm (open)
  • weight 450 grams
  • cost €99.99 (RRP)

Depending on the lighting conditions, an intelligent chip technology should ensure an optimum charging current at all times and thus an efficient charging process. The four LEDs indicate both the degree of solar power capture to be able to align the charger ideally, as well as the charging rate at which the final device is being charged via the USB-A connection.

The sturdy housing has a hard-wearing ETFE coating and can be easily folded into the shape of a smartphone for transport. A magnetic clasp keeps it closed. For charging, the PWR Solar can be easily hung and attached to the sun thanks to the D-ring.

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With a pack of 175 x 105 x 35 mm closed and 540 x 175 x 17 mm open and weighing 450 g, the PWR Solar should be a practical companion to the next one bike packing– or an outward trip too far from the socket.

What do you mean by all? Will you take the Solar Charger with you on your next adventure?

Info: Knog Press Release



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