Nostra launches digital work by the Nostra app to increase productivity, with WFH pointing to “working from anywhere” as a challenge in the next general era.

Nostra, a provider of digital map data and GlobeTech Co., Ltd. IoT solutions send digital work through the Nostra application to help improve the management of teams working in the era that can work from anywhere. It has been well received since the outbreak of COVID-19. The number of digital work users increased 42% over the previous year by the Nostra organization system and continues to develop apps to continuously increase efficiency while working from home as well as working remotely at various locations where employee checks -In and check-out can. You can report progress or easily submit work through the app, including real-time work space sharing. The latest addition of Personal Information Security (PDPA) features, view history, view your historical history, and status activity report supervisors or administrators can export files. Come out and use historical viewing reports of mobile work of individual employees. Or support for mobile use in both the Income Team iOS and Android operating systems. At the end of this year, the target would be able to expand the user base by 40% compared to the previous year, by more than 42% over the previous year. “Working from Anywhere” is expected to be a new way of working in the next general era, accelerating organizations to produce digital tools for any situation.

Mr. Wichai Sanghirunavattana General Manager, Globtech Company Limited Provide information that various epidemic crises are the result of changing lifestyles, both from the situation arising from the penetration of digital transformation. Incorporating the business sector that has to be dealt with and adapted in a timely manner as you can see is a clear change in the way you work from anywhere. Working from anywhere is no longer just a trend, it will be next normal for the future. In which occupations, if they are to survive, there is a need to keep pace so work tools are necessary to handle every situation.

Digital work was developed by Nostra as a management tool for business teams. Helping to increase efficiency and alleviate many problems arising from working from home. Also working remotely in various locations. From 2020, digital work by Nostra received satisfactory response after the platform was launched and presented to businesses. More recently, Digital Work by Nostra has updated Personal Information Security Assistance (PDPA) features, see History, their historical resumes and status activity reports. Supervisors or administrators can export files to view historical reports of individual employees’ work outside the office. Or earn the team, ”said Wichai.

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Mr. Wichai stated that digital work is easy to use anywhere, anytime by the Nostra platform and includes a wide range of mobile operations such as personal sales departments. Field employees, etc., employees in sub-branches. Employees can check in and check out. Employees capable of reporting progress or sending tasks to supervisors, including real-time location sharing, will use the app on their smartphone. It is like seeing a card for an event, ready to send the current state to the supervisor and for the supervisor, it can process the overall task. Ready to fix problems, close out bugs and plan tasks with maximum efficiency as a display on a phone screen (mobile application) and a display on a computer screen (web monitoring) that is removed as a report can go. Support for mobile applications in both iOS and Android operating systems, by designing the system to be easy to use, to create a simple, user experience design (UX) or a friendly user experience. And at Staff Corner, the app will help to make work transparent and auditable and reduce time spent creating reports. From what has been recorded in each assignment, the supervisor can see the entire location of the team by pressing to produce a report. And at the same time job progress, HR or HR can also take the report as a document for distribution of employment.

In addition, the Personal Information Protection Act (PDPA), which corresponds with reference to employee privacy and corporate data protection, however postponed it for the following year. The development team has given great importance to the management. This platform collects performance data on the terms agreed upon by the organization. That is, the system will collect information when the user initiates a check-in and a job log report. When the check-out time runs out, tracking and processing will be stopped immediately. The organization itself should have a process of obtaining communication and consent for the use of the employee’s personal information. And the system will manage the information security of those information to the maximum.

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Organizations interested in digital work through the Nostra platform can register for a free trial installation. Or learn more here orCall +6622669940 Email [email protected]


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