Now it’s Cyberpunk 2077’s turn to be the best-selling PC game ever • Eurogamernet

Now it's Cyberpunk 2077's turn to be the best-selling PC game ever • Eurogamernet

Wow: Shadowlands’ record has already been broken.

Just days before Blizzard described World of Warcraft’s newly released Shadowlands expansion as the best-selling PC game ever, but already, the CD project’s annoying open-world opus, Cyberpunk 2077, stole that crown.

When Snowfall trumpeted Shadowlands’ achievement earlier this week, it was revealed that the expansion has sold over 7.7 million units globally on the first full day of launch.

Like Reported by GamesIndustry.bizHowever, the CD project’s investor relations Twitter account now shares some preliminary sales figures for Cyberpunk 2077, showing that the game has managed to make a total shift. 8th pre-order on all platforms.

Digital Foundry’s Cyberpunk 2077 Visual Tech Tour – The Max Xd Out Next-General PC Experience.

Total, 59% of all pre-orders were on PC (And 74% were for the digital versions of Cyberpunk 2077, if you’re curious about that special split), meaning the CD project has already transferred about 72.72૨ million copies to PC, beating Shadowlands’ launch day by a total of one million Without even factoring in the rest of Cyberpunk’s launch day sales.

It’s not particularly surprising to learn that Cyberpunk is already doing numbers, given, of course, the hype of astronomy grown around the first blockbuster game of the CD project since Vichar 3 in the eight years since its original announcement.

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The good news is that despite the various performance issues and sometimes hilarious bugs that come into play on launch day, Cyberpunk 2077 is another strong entry in the increasingly impressive list of CD projects. Eurogamer’s Chris Tapsell was impressed enough to slap him with the recommended badge, saying, “Intense-hearted intoxicated humanity is surrounded by all its sounds. But I think I can still hear it.”

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