“Nuclear Control” issues a statement on the normal operation of the second unit in Barakah


The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation said that since it issued an operating license for the second unit at the Barak Nuclear Power Plant last March, it has continued its monitoring operations in the fuel loading phase and measures taken to return to normal levels. Various tests have been done. Operation, which is one of the critical steps in a nuclear power plant in which the process, or known as (forest), begins nuclear fission to generate energy. FANR reaffirms the commitment of the operator, Navah Energy Company, to all regulatory requirements to begin this critical phase. This achievement comes as a result of FANR’s extensive monitoring activities, including ongoing inspections, to ensure the safety and security of the nuclear power plant.

It is noteworthy that after the Authority issued the operating license and reached the Normal Operation (Forest) stage, the Authority carried out a set of control activities, which included inspection through its inspectors residing at the station and dispatch of more inspectors. Follow-up on the various phases of nuclear fuel loading operations and tests, and the Authority is continuously monitoring the level of readiness and preparedness for emergencies, as well as monitoring the environment through independent monitoring stations located around the station. . Environmental Laboratory.

The Common (One) phase of operations represents a landmark achievement during the Emirates nuclear power programme, which will contribute to the second unit achieving commercial operation. Since its inception in 2009, FANR has issued regulations and guidelines and conducted rigorous inspections and reviews, which contributed to reaching this critical stage in the history of the region’s first nuclear power plant to ensure its safety and security. Is.

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After this phase, the Authority will continue its supervisory and inspection functions and other following phases, including the commencement of the plant’s power generation, then full commercial operation, to ensure the safety and security of the plant within the framework of Acts of authority to protect society, workers and environment.



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