Nvidia Canvas turns graffiti into vibrant photos, free beta version open for download – Computer King Ada

Nvidia Canvas turns graffiti into vibrant photos, free beta version open for download - Computer King Ada

In the past, we’ve seen a lot of AI-related extension applications, but we haven’t seen any that can directly convert creator graffiti and drawings into real-life photos like the recently launched Nvidia Canvas. Use AI to quickly process background creation or accelerate the clarification of concepts, giving creators more time to visualize creative inspiration in their minds.

Nvidia Canvas turns graffiti photos to life, free beta version open for download

Nvidia Canvas is part of Nvidia Studio’s authoring tools. A free trial version is now available, allowing users of RTX series graphics cards to use this set of real-time drawing tools called “Gaugan”. Through the deep learning model, it can make the creator paint on a computer like using a brush, and under the operation of AI can convert brush strokes into images, transforming simple drafts into delicate and realistic scenes, And instantly map beautiful scenery to your letter pen graffiti.

During the creation process, you can just use the built-in brush tool to outline lines and shapes, such as clouds, oceans, etc., and then the AI ​​model will calculate and render amazing images immediately. During the painting process, you can do real-time display comparison such as real scene photography, no need to wait, export the conversion file, directly view the current design on the screen in real time, and make adjustments at any time. Not only is it a massive scene, but the details are also very interesting. For example, if you paint a pool of lake water, the trees and rocks painted next to it will reflect on the water.

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In Nvidia Canvas, there are a total of 10 styles to choose from, including modifying the look and feel of images. There are also 15 different materials including mountains, sky, rivers, rocks etc. It also supports separate layer painting to ensure that the elements are interconnected. Separation is helpful for later modifications or additions. Nvidia Canvas also supports style filtering, which tailors the image to the style and ideas of the creator, making it more personal and unique. Your work can also be saved as a PSD file and imported into Photoshop for later editing or use with other tasks.

In terms of technical principles, Nvidia Canvas uses GaN AI for training on an Nvidia DGX system using over 5 million images. It consists of a generator and an identifier. The former is used to convert simple strokes to landscape. Image, the latter is according to the physical characteristics of the scene in the image Let the image guide the generator to perform the corresponding functions. For example, if the recognizer knows that there will be waves in the ocean, it will tell the generator that waves in the ocean should be added to the scene to make the image more realistic.

The purpose of NVIDIA Canvas is not to create graffiti for fun, but to help creators conceive quickly and save work time. A few clicks can produce excellent presentations, speeding up the final draft without repetitive revisions. If you are interested in this software and your computer used RTX series graphics card, you can download free trial version from official website to play it.
To download a free trial version from the Nvidia Canvas official website, click here

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