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Nintendo Switch OLED-Modell

As Nintendo keeps pointing out, we’re only halfway through the Nintendo Switch life cycle. So we may have a few more years to come with the hugely popular hybrid console. But it should be no secret that behind closed doors in Kyoto, successor system The work is done. Its possible indications are now a . leaks caused by Cyber ​​attack on tech company Nvidia came about.

Accordingly, the hackers were able to steal confidential data and, above all, the source code from the company and published some of it. As such, the technology behind Nvidia’s proprietary Deep Learning Super Sampling Method – In short: DLSS – Exposed, allowing hobby programmers, but especially competing companies, to enrich themselves with this knowledge. For Nvidia, this is a serious blow.

Unfortunately, it could also have shared information that goes beyond the company’s walls. Nvidia supplies the technical inner workings of the Nintendo Switch console and is therefore an important partner for Nintendo. The abbreviation NVN2 can now be found in leaked file and folder names related to DLSS, indicating that New or at least improved API for Nintendo’s hardware Can be turned off, which enables the use of DLSS. The programming interface used so far for the Nintendo Switch is called NVN internally.

While the available information strongly suggests that Nvidia is involved in the development of new Nintendo Switch technology and may therefore offer its DLSS technology, at this point we have no way of knowing for sure that will be the case. Since the data was leaked involuntarily, there is no external way to assess what the companies’ plans are or how far they are. Whether the use of DLSS on the Nintendo Switch successor makes sense – you can find a detailed explanation and analysis here Here Leakage should be treated with care.

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