Old Nuclear Power Plants Are Now on the Grid?: Habek Before the Nuclear Makeover | Politics

 Old Nuclear Power Plants Are Now on the Grid?: Habek Before the Nuclear Makeover |  Politics

Older nuclear power plants connected to the grid last longer? ,

Habek before the nuclear makeover

Does Habek want to keep nuclear power plants?

The Ministry of Economics has changed the terms of the stress test – making it more likely that nuclear power plants will continue to run. It is based on information fromMirror” out.

Decisive change: network operators no longer simply have to guess whether security of supply is available in Germany. They should also assess whether continued operation of nuclear power plants will help bring down prices.

Electricity prices are currently reaching new highs almost every day. Expanded use of nuclear power plants can help bring down prices.

According to “Spiegel”, the ministry of economics minister Robert Habeck (52, Greens) is already planning legal options for continuing nuclear power plants. Currently, the nuclear phase-out law provides for termination of electricity supply from nuclear power plants at the end of the year.

The network operators have not yet sent the stress test results to the ministry.

Earlier in the month, the federal government asked three operators RWE, EnBW and E.on how long the remaining fuel rods could continue to produce electricity. Result: With the so-called stretch operation of the nuclear power plant in Lingen, about 70 percent of production should be possible by April – also Neckarwestheim. For the Bavarian nuclear power plant Isar 2, the fuel rods should last by June.

The economics ministry did not ask operators if they could get new fuel rods and how long it would take.

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According to “Spiegel”, a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Economics denied a decision on the issue of a nuclear power plant and did not want to confirm changes to the stress test design.


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