Old wind turbines can be turned into gummy bears

Old wind turbines can be turned into gummy bears

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rotor blades From wind turbine They are difficult to recycle due to their composite material. Often they are simply buried in the ground. It is not eco-friendly. researchers of Michigan State University Now developed a new material which is supposed to solve the environmental problem with huge parts, Report CNN,

Here, with glass fiber reinforced plastic vegetable And synthetic polymers be united. The material, called composite resin, should be easy to recycle and could even be used to make gummy bears, according to the researchers. Mailing from the American Chemical Society,

Gummy bears made from abandoned wind turbine rotor blades

broken into components

Chemist says resin can be broken down into its components at the end of its useful life john dorgan cited in the notice. The pieces of fiberglass that are difficult to process will have to be removed, the rest can be recycled into a variety of items. “We recovered food grade potassium lactate and used it to make gummy bears, which I ate,” Doran said.

In addition to gummy bears, depending on what method is used, Window either car taillights, bathroom sink either laptop sleeve is produced from resin.

eco bike path bridge

Research projects on the recycling of wind turbine blades are also underway in Austria. Burgenland company Worschitz Engineering wants them For a new type of ecological cycle path bridge,

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