Older players will not be paid until Charles Barclay comes into the NBA 2K

Older players will not be paid until Charles Barclay comes into the NBA 2K

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It was in the 90s Michael Jordan was the most obvious absence from a licensed basketball game. These days it’s Charles Barclay, not for any rights issues, but he believes 2K needs some help to make millions every year.

This NBA 2K The series not only features the current rosters of the league, but also the classic players and teams. And while these are often run by superstars, a lot of the positions on those teams were taken by role players who couldn’t make millions in the contracts and support of individuals like Jordan and Barclays.

Barclays explains that the interview, which was actually done in July in a very healthy way for a child’s account with 1.9k customers, was blown up over the weekend when it was shared on R / NBA.

“Give the old retired players a million dollars and I’ll get into video games,” says Barclay. “They present me every year, they call me every year and say, ‘Have you changed your mind?’

“Why in the world do you think I would change my mind? Give a million dollars a year to retired players ”.

“I’m not talking about old retired players like me. It is a misconception that everyone has been earning a Gazillion millionaire all his life. There are players older than me who have made no money. They are people, they are old and maybe need money, that’s why I’m not into video games. ”

The minimum NBA player could make on the lowest rookie contract last season was 89 893,000. For comparison, the league minimum in 1985-86k, was only $ 70,000 (about 170 170,000 today).

NBA 2K Touch-two publishers Sales totaled 3 billion in the last fiscal year.

Barclays are campaigning for players to pay for their virtual appearance For years now, Citing for this reason it just does not appear in 2K There is a series as a classic player, but why doesn’t he appear as an analyst either.

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