On the marketing practice with Google Sports Barry Dealer’s IAC

On the marketing practice with Google Sports Barry Dealer's IAC

According to documents reviewed by the Wall Street Journal and people familiar with the matter, the search team’s findings are based on what Google congline online group IAC / Interactive Corp. has done about the misleading marketing practice. Is deciding whether to impose strict fines on.

Google, which has determined that IAC misled users about its browser extensions, could go so far as to ban those products from its Chrome browser. The IAC, chaired by Chairman Barry Diller, is pushing back, saying such a move would ruin a significant part of its business.

Alphabet Inc. The unit has not yet responded to an internal recommendation from its Chrome Trust and security team that is partly related to the IAC because both are rivals in some categories and because search giant executives, including chief legal officer Kent Walker, are concerned. According to those familiar with the matter, the penalty can be seen as a rival.

Google was sued in October by a federal attorney for running an anti-trust monopoly in search. State officials are wrapping up their own investigations, which could result in additional charges. Google has said it will fight any charges in court.

Search company concerns with IAC centers on browser extensions, which are external applications that run inside Google’s Chrome browser. The IAC-built browser extension promises users quick access to content such as daily Bible quotes, power-tool manuals, and government forms.


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