One contract for ten cell phones

SIM-Karten von Vodafone

All network operators and even some discounters offer multi-SIM functionality. Here you can get an extra SIM for your contract on request and usually for about five euros extra per month. She has the same phone number and uses the same tariff. This way you can bring your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet and more online without having to book a separate contract for each device. In Apple Look, a multi-sim is also a necessity. vodafone multi sim calls a number, The Düsseldorf-based company has now expanded this OneNumber function significantly. Up to ten devices can be accessed on the same phone number and on the same tariff. was still at five SIM card ending. Since all devices can be accessed under the same phone number, you can leave one cell phone in the car and take the other with you—they’ll both always be ringing.

Exclusive to Vodafone: Transfer calls between multi-SIMs

Another innovation unique to this form in Germany: Now calls can be transferred seamlessly from device to device. It’s interesting, for example, if you have exactly one cell phone in the car and one in your pocket. You can then start a conversation on one cell phone and transfer the conversation to the other cell phone when you leave or sit in the car. This is also helpful when you have to accept calls on your smartwatch because you don’t have your cell phone within reach. According to Vodafone, dialing *53 code on the target device is enough to receive the call.

To always have an overview when using up to ten devices, you can now enter a different device name for the main card and each additional card in the Vodafone customer app (MeVodafone). Furthermore, all SIM cards are assigned to a contract as part of Vodafone OneNumber and hence also shown on an invoice.

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Depending on the end device used, Vodafone OneNumber is available as either a Classic SIM card or as é SIM, Private customers pay 5 Euro per month for each Vodafone Onenumber. Attention: it is 10 Euro per month in the tariff with unlimited data volume. There is also a one-time connection fee of EUR 39.99 for each booking. Pre-requisite for using Vodafone OneNumber is Black, Red, Smart, Young or gigamobilTariffs. Tariffs include Smart Tech OneNumber, Gigamobil L/XL, Gigamobil Young L+/XL, Smart XL/XXL (from August 11, 2022), Red L/XL (from November 3, 2020), Young L+/XL (from August 8 From) February 2021) an additional OneNumber is already included free of charge.


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