One wind turbine alone provides for a family for 100 years

Unglaublich - dieses Windrad könnte im Alleingang eine Familie 100 Jahre mit Strom versorgen

The prototype of the SG14-222 DD wind turbine recently set a world record in sterilde, Denmark. The model managed to generate 359 MWh in just 24 hours Electricity To create. One family alone can use this windmill for 100 years Power Supply,

This Wind Turbine Can Supply a Family for 100 Years – Is the Energy Crisis Over?

looking at it average annual consumption A family of four in Germany, it becomes clear how much Electricity One of these generate wind turbines. approximately 3,500 kWh hours Uses an average family in the year. A single family can use one of these wind turbines for years. Or a hundred families for the whole year. In practice, however, it is not so easy. Then Electricity One of the only steps required is that a . for stable power supply Necessary. Of generated electricity Must also be able to be fed into the network or into the appropriate energy storage be stored.

This is where the supply of renewable energy still has major weaknesses. Already today in Germany there are many wind turbine Mute. This is in no way due to a lack of air availability, but to protective mechanisms that are built into wind turbines. If they can produce more than the network can, there may be losses. Instead, the wind turbines are stopped when there is no longer one in the grid. Electricity can record. The cost of so-called redistribution in Germany is up to 2.3 billion euros annually. so that large wind turbines with such high output can be used, suitable energy storage to be available.

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Siemens Gemsa wind turbine as world record holder – successor already being planned

The prototype SG 14-222 DD belongs to the Spanish-German Siemens Gamesa group. This is by no means the first large wind turbine designed by the company for offshore applications. The model is to be completed in early 2024 and as part of Power Generation used at sea. Since the winds there are stronger than on the mainland, it can be assumed that in the future wind turbines will be even faster Electricity Can generate within 24 hours.

Siemens Gamesa Wind Turbine Prototype SG14-222DD

its high ability that is owed windmill It has a large rotor diameter of 222 m. For this purpose, the manufacturer installed rotor blades 108 meters long in wind turbine prototypes. The SG 14-222 DD is about 25 percent more powerful than its predecessor, the SG 11.0-200 DD. While its output was about 11 MW, the new wind turbine produces 14 MW. With the help of the so-called power booster, the model can also achieve an output of up to 15 MW.

However, Siemens Gamesa is not satisfied with the current world record. According to the company, work is already underway on an even bigger model, which will be given the number SG 14-236 DD. According to current forecasts, it should be five percent more powerful than the current world record holder, This is probably due, among other things, to the larger diameter of the rotor. At 236 meters, it is about 14 meters larger than the prototype tested.


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