OnePlus has announced OxygenOS 12 Open Beta. News, smartphone models and the order in which they update

  OnePlus has announced OxygenOS 12 Open Beta.  News, smartphone models and the order in which they update

After the recent integration of codebaseAs with ColorOS, OxygenOS 12 keeps DNA fast and fluid, delivering a superior experience on a more stable and energy-efficient system with solid backend support. OxygenOS 12 brings a revamped user interface and a slew of new features, bringing a holistic experience that streamlines everyday tasks and focuses on digital wellbeing.

OnePlus has optimized OxygenOS 12 in three aspects: work, rest and play, creating dedicated space for relaxation.

OxygenOS 12 interface inspired by their “Light and Space” work James Turrell; It is easy to use and brings new design elements:

– light and space

By using light and space efficiently, OxygenOS 12 creates a pleasant and peaceful environment for the users. Changing the lighting indicates a clearer distance between elements, while also improving readability and ease of use.

Zen Mode and the new Personal Vault are perfect examples. The new design is created with the help of light and shadow, providing a sense of visual comfort.

– geometric disintegration

OnePlus further simplified the visuals in OxygenOS 12 through geometric deconstruction. Users can easily access important messages, making OxygenOS 12 more inclusive and easier to interpret for users in different regions with different cultures.

– neomorphism

By adding shadows, subtle colors and customizing the scenes according to the user’s scenarios, the details have been adjusted to give a premium feel.

Shelf and OnePlus Scout

On the Shelf, the top shortcut panel, OxygenOS 12, has been updated with extensive modifications. The new shelf can be customized with cards of different sizes and wallpaper, allowing users to group features and customize the look of the shelf.

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Inside, the step counter card is updated to a card called Health, which can be connected to the OnePlus Watch, providing direct access to health information like calories or heart rate.

OnePlus has integrated the OnePlus Scout (phone search area) into the shelf. It allows users to search any type of content on their device including documents, contacts, music tracks and web searches. The OnePlus Scout makes the overall experience easier than ever.

pay attention

To make your work more efficient, the Notes app has been updated with new editing features. With OxygenOS 12, content can be edited with new formatting tools.

With the launch of the OnePlus 7 series, the company has launched Zen Mode, which provides a quiet space for users overwhelmed with information.

As technology has become integrated into everything we do, we are more dependent on smartphones than ever before. The line between work and personal life gradually blurs, often adding additional pressure.

Work Life Balance 2.0 (WLB 2.0)

Based on the philosophy of Zen Mode, WLB Mode was introduced among Indian users in the first phase. With OxygenOS 12, this experience is enhanced for global users with an updated version – WLB 2.0, a first for Android phones. WLB 2.0 offers several new customization options.

In WLB mode settings, notifications and messages from different applications can be classified into two modes and sorted by priority. In addition, “Work” and “Life” modes intelligently change based on locations, Wi-Fi networks or specific times set by the user, separating life and work in an easy way.

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dark mode

Dark Mode can now be adjusted in three levels, giving users more options to choose the shade to suit their reading preferences.


Ease of use improves and work efficiency increases, but OxygenOS 12 also improves the digital space for entertainment.

Games – Toolbox 2.0

For Answers 2 With OxygenOS 11.3, OnePlus delivers a solid gaming experience with a toolbox in games, showing Windows FPS, game filters, frame rate settings, and more. With OxygenOS 12, these features will be available through Toolbox 2.0. It supports voice modulators in five popular games (PUBG / CODM / LOLM / FreeFire / Fortnite), allowing users to change their voice during in-game chat, thus protecting their privacy.

Canvas AOD 2.0

One of the most popular features is Canvas AOD. The new Canvas AOD 2.0 has already been requested by fans during OEF (Open Years Forum) events and will be available with OxygenOS 12.

Customization is mainly about functionality, adding a variety of new colors for more customization. Photo selection and final effects adjustments are now more flexible as they adapt to different image sizes and support image scaling. Users can also remove lines that do not fit the scenario to provide more realistic results.

the protection

Security mechanisms have been improved and access to stored data has been made more efficient, so that users can more easily sort individual files.

The data stored in the Private Vault is isolated from other applications, but remains accessible to the user. Private files such as photos, videos, audios and documents can be stored securely in the private vault through a single access point.

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Update schedule:

OBT is currently available for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. It will be available on other models (OnePlus 8, OnePlus 9R 5G, OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7T Pro, Nord 2 5G, Nord 1, Nord CE 5G) via subsequent updates. Will come

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