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For current “Question From the Box” guests, the camera is a part of everyday life: the influential Nina Netzer and Karolina Strider.

When and Where by Anja Fortsch

Nina: Sun, beaches and palm trees or mountains, forests and meadows?

Caroline:I’ll say it straight: sun, beach and palm trees. It’s nice in the landlocked, but there’s also something about lying on the beach. It’s just something different.

Nina: It’s just something special. So I agree with you: the sea is cold

Caroline: Although Lendl is beautiful too!

CarolineHow long can you live without TikTok, Instagram and generally a cell phone?

Nina: This is a common question. (laughs) I love being on social media. Without it – I think I’ll last a week at most. I also think it is just a part of our life.

Caroline: I actually did an experiment in the first grade of tourism school. After that, our teacher collected our cell phones and we saw how long we could live without them. For me it was three days.

NinaWhich app on your mobile phone is absolutely essential for you?

Caroline: That’s something. This is also a difficult question. (laughs)

Caroline: Will be dispensable. But maybe not forever. Also WhatsApp. And my fitness app because I do a lot of sports.

Caroline: you can be someone else for a day: who are you?

Nina: Oh my god… oh, who would I like to be?

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Caroline: Means it again – those are mean questions! (laughs)

Nina: I would like to be such a prominent person that everyone knows. It will be fun to spend the day like these stars. How do you feel when you cross the street and everyone recognizes you? I would love to experience it. and you?

Caroline: I would like to be a star at the Oscars for one day.

Nina: Oh cool, really “red carpet”! (laughs)

Caroline: Yes! Dressed up with such a beautiful dress… she would be cool! (laughs)

These are Nina Netzer and Karolina Strider

Neena Netzer lives at Shrunnes and is primarily active on the video platform Tiktok. On her account @nina_netzer, the 21-year-old posts mostly comedy videos in which she highlights Vorarlberg’s quirks and special features – with a wink, of course. Karolina Strider can also be found mainly on TikTok. As @you.look.cute.hny, she also shares amusing, short videos that often deal with Austrian themes.

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In the video series by WANN &WO, two well-known people from Vorarlberg interview each other – and uncover exciting insights. New episodes are available weekly on VOL.AT and YouTube.


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