Oppo has launched a new Find X3 Pro phone. Camera, one strength: “You can capture incredible details”

  Oppo has launched a new Find X3 Pro phone.  Camera, one strength:

After beating Apple and Huawei in China, Oppo did not pull the brakes. It launched the first top phone in 2021 and claimed 1 billion color screens.

Find X3 Pro is the new top of the Oppo range. To face rivals, Oppo partnered with the famous Hans Jimmer, who won an Oscar and two Golden Globes for the music of Lion King and Gladiator. The ringtones for this phone are made exclusively by the German composer.

Find the X3, which competes directly with the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21, is also good in terms of battery. It charges 0 to 100% quickly in just 30 minutes. It has 4 cameras at the back, including a microscopic one.

“You can capture incredible detail from a great distance. You can get very close to the subject, up to 1-2 millimeters. And at this stage you start seeing things that are almost impossible for the human eye , ‚ÄĚSays Andrew Hoyle, editor of CNET.

This was not the only surprise from Oppo. He has released a limited edition of Reno 5 with the Marvel series. The phone will be available from March 15 and will be priced at 320 euros. But it will not reach too many users. Only a few hundred units will be made and to purchase the phone you will need the code posted on the Instagram page: Oppo Indonesia.

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