Panos Pana Shows New Windows 11 Snipping Application

Panos Pana Shows New Windows 11 Snipping Application

windows 11 It is a complete box of surprises. What started out as a project to “modernize” Windows has become a brand new operating system with more innovation than you ever thought before. for them now a New Snipping Tool Who has the honor of introducing Panos Panay (Director of Windows and Surface) to his social network.

Snipping Tool joins the Windows 11 revolution

It seems that Microsoft is determined that Windows 11 delivers a great user experience and the first step in doing so is to eliminate duplication and inconsistencies. These days, Two Snipping Tools co-exist in Windows 10: Snipping Tool (old) and Snipping & Annotating (new). The new Snipping Tool will replace both.

The Snipping Tool will have a Design in line with the rest of Windows 11. Also, from Microsoft they confirm that it will “Powerful and Simple”. Lastly, as we see in the video, it has a . Will happen new icon In line with the design lines of the new Windows.

It’s funny how Microsoft chose to name the old application instead of the new one. Will it be a classic tool with a modern design? Are we facing a “modern” application but well known and with an updated design? Will this be the third app independent of the other two? Many questions and for now, few answers.

If anything, it’s good to see how Microsoft is really taking care of the details with Windows 11. This will update the layout of legacy applications such as Colour And notepads because, despite their longevity, they are still used and loved by millions of people around the world. Don’t stop the party, Microsoft!

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