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It is well known that “passwords are not reused”, but it is extremely difficult to set different passwords for many sites and apps services and remember them all. Free password management service “pass it“, You can log into various sites with a PC, smartphone or browser with just one password, and you can share information with friends and family with the group function, which seems convenient. So I really Tried to use it.

pass it

◆ Account creation and site registration
Create Account. When you use the above URL, the following will be displayed. Click “Login / Sign Up” in the top right.

Enter the email address used to create the account and click “Next”.

Enter the password twice and click “Next”.

You will be asked if you want to issue a backup code in case you forget your password, so click skip this time.

A confirmation code has been sent to the email address you entered, so enter it and click “Confirm Code”.

Click “Start” to create an account.

“Passit” also has a function to share passwords with groups, so click the “Groups” tab at the top of the screen to create the first group.

Click “Add new group” in the top right of the screen.

Enter the group name in “Name”, and then enter the email address of the user you want to add to the group in the “Members” field. Candidates will be displayed. Click it.

After the member is confirmed to be added, click Save Group.

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After logging in, members added to the group will be displayed on the “Groups” tab, indicating that they have been invited to the “GIGAZINE” group, so click the “Accept” button. This completes the group settings.

Next, register the site for which you want to manage the password, so go back to the “Password” tab and click “Add new password” in the upper right.

Enter “Site Name”, “Username”, “URL”, and “Password” from the top left, then enter the group name in the “Add Group” field, and click on the candidate that appears below it. The maximum number that can be registered is unknown, but there was no problem, even though I entered about 30 as a test.

After confirming that group registration has been added, click “Save New Password” to complete site registration.

स्थापित Install and use passit on other browsers and terminals
To use “passit” in your browser, you must install the extension in your browser.

Passit – Chrome Web Store

Passit – Gate Extension for Firefox (ja)

This time I will use the Firefox version. Access the URL above and click “Add to Firefox”.

Click “Add”.

Click the “Passit” icon displayed in the upper right corner of the browser, and then enter the email address and password you previously logged into.

Click on the “passit” icon, then click “copy username” for the site you want to log in to. The login ID will be saved in the clipboard, so paste it.

If you copy and paste the password from “Copy Password” in the same process …

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I was able to log in successfully.

If the site has been entered once, the “Form Fill Field” button will appear like this, so you can automatically enter it with a shot from the second time.

“Passit” has an app version for Android smartphones, so I’ll try to use the app version as well.

Passit-Google Play App

Access the URL above and click “Install”.

When the installation is complete, click “Open”.

Next, try the “sharing password” using the group function of “passit”. Here, we want to confirm that the password can be shared with the user who set it first, so first log in with an email address added to the group creation.

Then, even with the second account logged into the smartphone, the password created by the first account can be seen.

While logging in from smartphone browser etc., tap on the red frame and paste the copied user name and password.

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