Pay attention with this SMS from Amazon

Pay attention with this SMS from Amazon

especially in the pre-christmas period package via amazon Ordered. criminals use this time to get through a wrong text message users’ data and in the worst case Credit Card Information To steal. internet watch listA project of the Austrian Internet Ombudsman, warns against such methods.

SMS with link

The criminals used to send an SMS saying that the Amazon account temporarily closed will, should Account information not updated Will. Below this is a link where data can be entered.

be careful with "amazon sms",

Beware of such “Amazon SMS”.

However, the link does not lead to the Amazon page, but to a fake page that looks identical to Amazon’s. Counterfeit can be detected by internet address – This has nothing to do with Amazon on most fake sites.

The page asks for Amazon credentials, address, phone number and birthday. in the end, you have to bank or credit card details “To update”. The data then ends up directly with the criminals. Watchlist Internet therefore warns against clicking on such SMS links.

What if you have already entered data?

Anyone who has already received such SMS and entered the relevant information should do so immediately change amazon password, If unknown orders have already been placed, should contact amazon support, Credit cards may also have to be blocked. a conversation with him credit card provider or bank Provides information about the steps to be taken.

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