Phishing scammers again hunt for bored ape yacht club NFTs and cryptocurrencies

Phishing scammers again hunt for bored ape yacht club NFTs and cryptocurrencies

Bored app Yacht Club’s comic-like monkeys about irreplaceable token collection (NFTs) are making headlines again: scammers have once again duped victims with phishing reports and emptied their wallets.

According to NFT Analyst The criminals were able to take over the account of the community manager of parent company Yug Labs. How this happened is not yet known in detail. It is also unclear whether the account was secured using two-factor authentication.

The hack gave scammers access to the company’s various Discord servers, where they were able to post bait in the form of a fake contest with a free gift from the community manager. In this he linked a phishing website. If a victim visits this website, the code on the page is said to have stolen the cryptocurrency Ethereum and the NFTs stored in the wallet in an unspecified manner.

These include 32 NFTs and 145 Ethereum from Bored Ape Yacht Club and OtherDead. In total, the damage is reported to be $357,000. Era Labs clearly indicates that interested parties should only rely on information published on Twitter.

In early April 2022, criminals were able to steal the expensive Monkey NFTs. The attackers took over the Instagram account, used it to lure victims with false promises and take control of the NFTs. The loss is being told about three lakhs.

In late May, when American actor Seth Greene fell into a phishing scam, criminals robbed an NFT collection from Bored Ape Yacht Club. Among them is said to be a bored monkey named #8398, who was about to become a bartender in a TV show. Now that he is no longer the owner of that NFT, he can no longer legally appear in a TV show for the character.

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