Phone Gaming Revolution: 5 Games You Must Try – Always

Phone Gaming Revolution: 5 Games You Must Try - Always

As technology progresses, so are games on smartphones. Today, such games are amazing with great graphics, engaging storylines and fantastic virtual worlds. Try some popular mobile games while spending time at home during quarantine.

For your attention – Arnoldus Lucosius, an expert at the Tele2 Innovation Bureau, has shared recommendations for 5 interesting games on your phone.

1. Between us

Although this team game was released back in 2018, it only became popular this fall. Between us, there was unexpected interest in the launch of vloggers on the global video game broadcasting platform Twitch. By now, the game has already managed to become a real cultural phenomenon. Numerous memos with game characters have been created online, and the number of app downloads has exceeded 100 million.

The game is unique in that you can play it with your friends or other players around the world in groups of 4-10 players. This will help you stay connected to the home and have a safe and fun time.

The plot of the game is simple but very addictive. The action takes place on a spacecraft where you have to perform various tasks. But one of the crew members is the “eunuch” who wants to damage the ship and kill everyone. The team’s task is to identify this person, and the traitor’s goal is not to give up until the last moment.

2. Brain exercises with words with friends

People who like puzzles and want to improve their English, will like the Words Friends mobile tool. After installing the above application, you will get a virtual game board and be able to place words. You can play with your friends and with others around the world.

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Here you will also get a tournament feature. This will help you find out which of your friends or colleagues are the best at speaking the language. The game will not only help you develop your language skills and bend your head, but will become a fun activity on long winter evenings.

3. Adventure Racing with Mario Kart Tour

One of the most famous and popular game characters of all time, Plumber Mario from Italy, is also successfully winning the sympathy of mobile players. The consumer-loved Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour has only recently moved to the smart screen at the end of 2019. It became very popular only on the App Store and Google Play online store.

Game mechanics are simple. By choosing your favorite character, you can participate in the colorful and comic cart races. They can use many special powers that make the game even more fun and exciting. In addition, the game can be played with other friends who have registered in the app. A maximum of 7 players can compete at a time.

4. Strategic Arena of Valor

The game belongs to the popular genre of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), which is an online multiplayer battle arena. Games in this category are one of the most popular electronic games, and their professional tournaments are watched by thousands of people around the world. These types of games are based on the principle of fighting between two teams.

After installing the Arena of Valor game application, you will be able to play in teams of 5 people. You will choose your character-hero from over 100 influential characters. The playing session lasts only 10–20 minutes and is won by the team that defeats its opponents base. While playing, it is important to develop an effective strategy and consult with your team members, so you can not only have fun here, but also make new friends.

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5. Grand Mountain Adventure Winter

With the onset of cold weather, it is time to try a mobile winter sports game. With the installation of the Grand Mountain Adventure application, you will be able to virtually enjoy the winter and at least feel like an experienced skier or snowboard master.

The game will also be enjoyed by those who are trying this style for the first time. You will start the competition with a simple slalom race, and as you get better you will gradually unlock more and more tracks and tasks. The game has great graphics and attractive animations. The trails look very realistic, and offer a healthy dose of adrenaline as snowflakes, falling rocks or bears chase you.


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