Photoshop’s Sky Replacement tool makes it easy to fake the whole sunset

Photoshop's Sky Replacement tool makes it easy to fake the whole sunset

Adobe is preparing to add an AI-powered sky replacement tool to Photoshop that makes it easy to swap the sky in any picture with just a few clicks. The company Previewed the tool on YouTube Scheduled for 20 October October 22 nd, ahead of its Ad Dob Max conference.

This tool uses machine learning to automatically identify the foreground and background of a picture, preventing people from creating complex masks to distinguish the two. You can load in numerous dramatic preset skies, and algorithms will automatically tweak the warmth and temperature of the front to match the new sky. If you add a cozy, golden sunset, for example, it will update the color of the rest of your picture to match.

Adobe is not the first company to offer such a tool. Luminaire, an AI-powered picture editor One click sky shift From last year, for example. But extending its premier picture editor with the help of Adobe Machine Tutorial is the last example.

EdgeThere were mixed feelings about the Art Crew tool. They thought color matching goes well but be careful to evaluate the feature with a simple demo video. As any company is introducing a new product, Adobe will pick only the most flattering examples. They also noted that Adobe’s automated cutout tools generally work very well and will definitely make this type of editing much easier.

Always looking to create the perfect travel shot, the Sky Replacement feature can be especially useful for Instagram influencers. Last year, an influential person was criticized after she was found to be The use of fake clouds in her photos. She later said she was always open Edit her images But perhaps more diversity was needed. “Maybe I need to change the sky I choose – but I like what I use!” He added. Photoshop can help.

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Adobe did not say when this new feature would be added to Photoshop, but you can expect to hear more details at the company’s upcoming Max conference.


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