Photovoltaic attack on state buildings –

Photovoltaic attack on state buildings -


To combat climate change, it is important to phase out fossil fuels. In all, more than 85 million euros flow into an efficient and climate-neutral state administration. It must succeed through photovoltaic invasion of state-owned buildings, among other things.

15 projects have already been implemented, Climate Protection Minister Ursula Lackner (SPÖ) says: “We have identified 40 buildings which we will finance through the Climate Fund as part of the measures taken by the Climate Cabinet ,” says Lachner.

investing for tomorrow

For sustainability counselor Johann Seitinger (ÖVP), phasing out fossil energy sources such as gas and oil is important not only because of climate protection. Switching to renewable energy – such as photovoltaic systems, hydropower or wind power – is important when it comes to protecting supplies.


“It is now an important and essential part of the security of supply in our country. It is also a signal to citizens that it pays to invest now so that we have security tomorrow,” Seitinger said.

2,800 MWh Solar Power

By 2024, 14,000 square meters of photovoltaic surfaces will be installed on state buildings. They produce the same amount of solar energy as the average 800 households consume in a year. This means that approximately 2,800 megawatt hours of solar power can be generated per year. Energy Steermark is responsible for manufacturing and operating the PV systems. It has installed over 2,500 modules on state buildings since the summer of 2021.

Christian Purerer, CEO of Energy Steermark says: “With its solar energy offensive, Energy Steermark is focusing primarily on existing roof areas. With the expansion of 14 photovoltaic systems on the state real estate company’s buildings, the region has A lighthouse project was implemented. In the coming years we intend to invest a total of about 300 million euros in the expansion of solar power systems.” Martin Graf, CEO of Energy Stearmark, said: “We are currently experiencing a boom in PV systems manufacturing and have connected more than 10,000 metering points in the first half of the year alone, more than four times as much in the same time frame. more than last year’s period.”

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