Pink .rs | Three days of my death! He ate pizza, sent it to his friend, called another and then dispensed

  Pink .rs |  Three days of my death!  He ate pizza, sent it to his friend, called another and then dispensed

Jovan Veselinovic (18) from Niš, the mobile phone of the missing graduate of the art school from Niš, last seen on Nemenji Boulevard at around 11am on 17 February, was last located in the area of ​​Branko Krasmanoviok Street.

The farthest point of Branko Krsmanović Street, at the intersection with Blagoja Parrovića Street, is about one kilometer from the place where the missing young man was last seen, but on the opposite side of Branko Miljković Street where he lives ! It is not yet known why the young man went missing, as he sent his friend to the shopping center “Zona 1” at Nemenji Boulevard instead of home and where he went after that. According to her mother Milika Kvetikov, from around 4 pm onwards after midnight, her mobile phone has been unavailable since that night, making it impossible for her to follow her further activities.

Photo: Personal Collection / Google Maps

The last time the missing youth used the phone around 11 pm that evening, he sent his friend to the building where he lives, not far from TC Zone 1, and he continued to walk alone. He had called one of his friends that evening and with whom he was returning home, but they did not listen to each other as the invited youth did not answer the call. After that, it is informally known that he never called anyone again, nor did he call anyone again.

That evening, Jovan was with a friend at a friend’s house in Cvijićeva Street, where they were playing video games. He went home with two friends. There was nothing to indicate that anything unexpected was going to happen.

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According to informal information, he did not have a large amount. On his way back, he bought a piece of pizza, which he shared with someone at the company. The friends are separated on the way to their homes and he goes to his building with his friend because it is in the same direction as he is returning home. However, when she got home and she was left alone, she called one of her friends on the phone, but she did not listen to him because the call was not answered. After that, Jovan lost all scars.

In search of Jovan, an investigative dog from the Ministry of the Interior’s Fire and Rescue Brigade from Nis was used yesterday to tour the wider area around Branco Krasmanoieva Street, both on the side of Nemenji Boward and near that street in Nisava. Towards the quay.


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