Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro: Free App Beautifies Display – Converts Camera Hole to Battery Display (Video)


pixel 6 smartphone This year we are once again using the hole punch camera, which is located in the camera hole of the display and is currently seen as the most elegant solution to the display camera problem. If you’re not used to it or just want to practically use cut-outs, you can do so with a practical app: With Energy Ring, the battery status can be displayed with a circular graphic. Is.

pixel 6 camera ring

Smartphone displays have gotten bigger and bigger over the years and at some point it was inevitable that other components had to be placed on the front or moved somewhere else – even with the Pixel 6. The fingerprint sensor is now integrated into the display and works there are still some issues. The camera is in the normal position and the camera hole has been given in the display, which in the current generation is in the horizontal center on the top edge of the display.

The camera hole isn’t necessarily attractive, but has long been accepted by most users. The alternative would be a rather unacceptable notch or a mechanically fold-out camera. I think that hole This is the best solution until under-display cameras are fully marketable. Anyone who doesn’t use it or wants to practically use the area can do so with the Energy Ring app.

The Energy Ring camouflages a circle around the hole that is only slightly larger than the cutout, resulting in a thinner ring. It can be used to display the current battery status, which can be seen more beautifully here than in the usual graphic in the notification bar. There are still some setting options.

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The Energy Ring allows you to set the strength of the ring, set the direction of rotation (clockwise, counterclockwise or bi-directional), and customize the color of the circle. Multiple colors can be defined, which are used depending on the specified threshold value. It can be really chic and shows you at first glance how the battery is doing.

Instead of hiding that hole, you should also underline it. However, it happens that the scene is then stuck on the colored ring instead of the camera at the bottom, so that it is ultimately less visible than before. The app has long been available for free download from the Google Play Store and is financed by ads in the settings. Compatibility with the Pixel 6 smartphone was built with the latest update.

Energy Ring - Universal Edition!
Energy Ring - Universal Edition!

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