Playboy Announces Opening of NXT Art Gallery! Coincidental

  Playboy Announces Opening of NXT Art Gallery!  Coincidental

Famous entertainment magazine Playboy announced the opening of an online art gallery in NXT format. For this purpose, one of the major NXT markets Ethereum (ETH) based platform has partnered with Nifty Gateway. A large photo collection of 70-year-olds is expected at the NXT Art Gallery.

BlockchainWe are excited about all the innovations it can bring and most of our work will support artists as collectors. We are here to learn, support the community and innovate together. “

Brand image has changed

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The family of the late Hugh Hefner sold his last stake in Playboy Enterprises in August 2018, following which Celebrity magazine has taken a more progressive direction. A Generation Y editor brought a facelift to the team.

Nearly 50 years after the 1970s, the iconic magazine is now preparing to reinvigorate itself and open its doors to new subscribers with NXT. Rachel Weber, one of the Playboy executives, told Business Insider that she sees NXT as a tremendous opportunity:

“We see the digital asset revolution as a tremendous business opportunity. We see considerable potential for integrating tokens into our work and activities. “

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