Home Tech PlayStation 5’s SSD, Marvell . Uses controller developed by

PlayStation 5’s SSD, Marvell . Uses controller developed by

 PlayStation 5's SSD, Marvell .  Uses controller developed by

Today we know new details about playstation 5, or rather its ‘magic SSD’, and that thanks to microscope images fritzchens fritz, Custom memory controller is confirmed was developed by marvel for sony.

As it turns out, this controller has 12 memory channels To allow the transfer of compressed data a 9 Gb/sy 5,5 Gb/s RAW via PCI-Express 4.0 x4 interface. In short, the images show that the controller is Marvel Titania 2. It’s not listed on the company’s website, so it supports the information that it was designed specifically for the Sony PlayStation 5 console.

Not everything is controller, and what really gives SSDs the magic speed Kraken Compression Technique, which can reduce the size of game files by up to 60% and increase the performance and efficiency of the entire storage subsystem. Since the SSD controller can decompose data smoothly, the technology used is not meant to slow down performance, but to enhance it.

As always, it should be remembered that it will be particular games that really take advantage of the full potential of the SSD, although for now there is not a big difference. With DirectStorage API Microsoft for its Xbox Series X | Used on the S console (2.4 GB/s uncompressed), despite using a slower SSD, and that will soon come to PC.

Via: fritzchens fritz | tweaktown

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