Pokemon Go Dev will address the Mega Evolution Concern

Pokemon Go Dev will address the Mega Evolution Concern

Mega Evolution Recently Pokemon Go arrived, but many players are not yet completely happy with their implementation. In order to mega evolve Pokemon, users must first collect that monster’s Mega Energy Rja. However, these are usually locked behind Mega Raid Battles, Making it difficult for many players to collect the required amount. Developer Nintendo has acknowledged these concerns and promised to address them.

In a post on Pokemon Subredit Self Road, A Nintendo representative wrote that the studio is monitoring players’ feedback on Mega Evolution and looking for ways to make the facility more accessible. In particular, the representative noted that the studio has heard players “out loud and clear” that they want additional ways to reap mega energy out of the raid, and the current need seems too ste and not appropriate.

“[P]The representative wrote that we know we are discussing how to overcome these concerns, although we are at a very early stage and it may be a while before you see the changes implemented in the game. The pipeline is already there, but again we don’t have a set schedule yet. “

Nitinik did not go into more details about how he plans to tweak Mega Evolution, but the studio says players will continue to share feedback. However mega energy is usually only gained through this month’s mega raids Mega September event The limited time will feature research tasks that reward players with mega energy, providing another way to cut resources.

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To make it a little easier to participate in mega raids, Nintendo is also making an offer Cheap Remote Raid Pass Bundle In the Pokemon Go game store this month. Meanwhile, Studio a Tons of other events In line for the game in the next few weeks, including the new Victory Special Research Line and Go Battle Night. This month will also see a handful of different passengers return to the Five Star Raids for a limited time, such as Crescelia and Articuno.

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