Police again warned of scams

Police again warned of scams


The Styrian police have to investigate Internet fraud time and again. Criminals lure, among other things, by e-mail with offers to “miraculously” increase savings. Investigators repeatedly give immediate warnings.

Before paying over the Internet, you should make sure it’s a certified site, says Johanna Parr, press officer at the Styrian state police headquarters. Sometimes you can even ask acquaintances if anyone has any experience and only then should you transfer money, advises Parr.

Repeated fraud cases on the Internet

In early November, a Chinese woman living in Graz exchanged more than a million euros for cryptocurrency on an Internet platform in several stages and transferred everything to the alleged investment platform. Profit didn’t work – more on that Grazer defrauded over 100,000 euros, One such case came to light on Thursday, in which a Styrian woman fell victim to fraudsters – more on this 39 year old victim of internet scammers,

Scammers pretend to be familiar

A second, very common crime recently: a short call for help on a cell phone via WhatsApp or some other news service appears to be a scam in which scammers pretend to be someone they know and tell their cell phone The phone is broken, they have a new number and now had a bill to settle, the policeman explains. It was only on Thursday that the police drew attention to a new type of fraud – more on that New Scandal: “Hello Dad!”,

Contact “real” friends

In the case of this scam, Johanna Parr recommends contacting the right person the message is talking about immediately to find out if it is a scam: “If there is such an attempt at scams and The person claims it is a scam. Daughter, son or other acquaintance or family member – just to be on the safe side, call the person’s correctly known number and ask if it’s true. If not, send messages Delete and ignore.”

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If in doubt, you should always contact the police station. According to the police, it is not always about numbers coming from abroad. Austrian and, above all, well-known mobile area codes are often used for fraud. The Federal Criminal Police Office is also there. Tips to prevent scams,


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