Police Cetinje. I can’t guarantee safety in rally

 Police Cetinje.  I can't guarantee safety in rally

from our permanent correspondent
And – neither citizens nor journalists can be guaranteed absolute security in Cetinje, but we will do our best to keep everything running smoothly on 5 September, Interior Minister Sergej Sekulovich said. He said the Interior Ministry has information that there are extremists on both sides who are planning radicalization in Cetinje.

Asked by journalists whether littoral could be banned in Montenegro’s Metropolitan Jónikis and Cetinje, he replied that “our personal belief is irrelevant, the obligation is to guarantee freedom of religion.”

He said the September 3 rally was reported, and not the September 5, that the security assessment was unfavorable and that “the question is whether banning the rally is so counterproductive or will we do something else – allow civilians to use them.” constitutional law to allow”.

“Montenegro was created in Cetinje, we must not let this current Montenegro die in Cetinje. We have to learn to live with our differences, start a democratic debate,” the minister said.

Director of Police Administration Zoran Brznin stated that the concerts were held on 3 and 4 September in the organization of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, and that a gathering for the 5th was not registered. He declared that, if the President (Jukanovic) announced his departure to Cetinje, “he would take measures for his own safety as well as that of all protected persons.”

Through his media, party commissioners of the Democratic Party of Socialists and the public support of its leader and President of Montenegro, Milo Jukanovic, opponents of the throne say that he will be in Cetinje on Sunday, regardless of whether the new metropolitan Ionikije will be or not. Sitting among priests or chosen guests. They say that, even if there is no such sacred act, they will keep an eye on the “sovereign, Montenegrin Cetinje”.

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Following the open support of President Milo Jukanovic, messages and threats from supporters of the Comitas movement, the Liberal Party and the NGO “Montenegrin Choir” are becoming more aggressive, while Montenegrin Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic has left Cetinje, as he said. , “has no motive” and wants to contribute to the pacification of the passion, so he sends a message to the opponents of the throne that he is not afraid of them and that he will come to the city under Löwen without protection. “.

Supporters of Jukanovic’s policy were determined to scare supporters and believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) on the day of the throne when he damaged Risto Jovanovic’s car from Podgorica by painting on the rear window to cover the image. Had given. Resurrection of the Church of Christ.

Believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church were also threatened by Mihailo Dedic, leader of the unrecognized NGO of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church (CPC). In a letter to Montenegrin Prime Minister Krivokapi, he demanded that he ban the throne of Metropolitan Ionasius in the Cetinje Monastery, because, as he wrote, “it serves as a symbol of the power and duration of our Montenegrins.” Math will be attacked. Motherland.” “.

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false news of sitting on the throne

The flood of false news on the eve of the coronation of Metropolitan Ioannicius in Cetinje is becoming more and more noticeable. Disinformation is circulated, calculated to mislead and used as a means of fierce political confrontation. A new fake news about September 5 appeared on the social network today. At the same time, posters have come out on the streets, which apparently want to further promote tension in the society.

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This time, misinformation was spread that a ‘concert’ by Jadranka Barjakatarovich and Marko Perkovic Thompson would be held that day, apparently at a gathering of opponents to the throne.

In addition, posters appeared on the streets of Podgorica today, probably from the same propaganda kitchen, about “calls to attack” those opposed to the scheduled act.

It is clear that as such, they want to further escalate tensions in the face of an event that has been causing new divisions in Montenegrin society for weeks.

For this reason, it seems that these days it is more important than ever to remain calm and every effort is being made by campaigners through the Internet and other communication channels to mislead the public and encourage the atmosphere to warm further. Don’t believe in things. Montenegro Media.

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