Potential “killer asteroid”: ESA clarifies all


Asteroid discovered in 2021 QM1 was from esa Ever been called “the riskiest asteroid” to mankind. 2052 The celestial body with diameter between 30 and 80 meters Could come dangerously close to Earth, its impact is not ruled out. just time for today “Asteroid Day” The European Space Agency clarified everything.

According to one, new data from the European Southern Observatory has not confirmed the fears ESA transmission, Asteroid impact can now be ruled out based on new observations. 2021 will come from QM1 asteroid risk list removed by the space agency.

1,377 Other asteroids are still on the list. They are celebrated, among others, by the ESA’s Planetary Defense Office, which today is “Asteroid Day”. 10.30 am Feather Asteroid Day Website insight into his work.

“Asteroid Day”

The purpose of “Asteroid Day” is to educate the public about the importance of asteroids and to draw attention to the risks of asteroid impacts. Of 30 June is not chosen at random. in the year 1908 An asteroid exploded that day Siberia With the power of several hundred Hiroshima bombs, the so-called Tunguska incident

Museums and scientific institutions use this day to provide information about meteorite research with an extensive public program. Also at the Natural History Museum in Vienna There are events for “asteroid day”,

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