Predict new job roles and business models for this year

Predict new job roles and business models for this year

“The combination of remotely and increasingly technical users will lead to the rapid rise of new products and services To meet the changing needs of people, a summary of analysis is presented.

Based on a report by Gartnet, they found that “In 2020, 45% of all IT automation technologies are in the implementation phase and the remaining 55% are in the pilot phase.”

The work-from-home model, he notes, is far less likely to be temporary, and the change will have a “fundamental impact on how organizations create high-performance work cultures.”

With this new high-speed paradigm, companies have to “reinvigorate themselves for this new era” to differentiate the equipment traditionally used to “create a unique culture”.

In data obtained from American workers interviewed during the separation, the report stated that 37% “expect that working from home is more common.”

“48% of managers in North America believe that by 2021 and the next few years the number of full-time remote workers will increase.”, Exposes.

But these numbers are the opposite when the survey looks specifically at American professionals who work 100% remotely.

Out of 1,000 respondents, “46% of managers find it very difficult to provide emotional support to their teams, and 87% find it difficult to have visibility into what their team is doing.”

For this reason, and inspired by the modernism to be established, Globant assured that it would make its presence in the workplace “Remote Task Manager”, Whose role will be to help employees do partial or permanent work from home.

Their duties will include “promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, handling retention and benefit issues and ensuring that employees feel comfortable.”

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This decisive moment is also achieved by emerging technologies that, in addition to benefiting customers with immediate advice, can save extraordinary amounts.

“Some estimates indicate that the use of CI may save banks $ 7.3 billion worldwide by 2023. Chatboats can provide financial advice and recommendations in real-time, making it easier for customers to find and purchase the products they want.

It also underlines Artificial Intelligence that its use is helping organizations unlock their potential in the post-epidemic era.


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