Professor Augtis criticizes measures to delay fight against COVID-19: “We have cornered ourselves with education”

Professor Augtis criticizes measures to delay fight against COVID-19:

J. In conversation with Augtis – TV3 News “Daily Commentary”.

Last week, we saw that the number of new infections in COVID-19 rose to one and a half thousand. Is it already a peak, or can it still rise?

It depends on us. It is clear that it will rise again, as the rise of an epidemic has some inertia and is quite long – about 2 weeks. Even if we take very strict steps today, we will get results in 14-15 days.

Looking at those figures, it is clear that we are already behind the times with tough measures that are now gradually being introduced. But this had to be done a few weeks ago, when we crossed 2,000, when we had more than one and a half thousand patients in hospitals – then suddenly we had to take such measures.

What measures should have been taken?

First of all, it is to reduce the flow, reduce the number of gatherings. In this place it is not possible to distinguish that it will allow only with passports of opportunity, and will not allow others – for the time being it will have to bear some restrictions for everyone, as the number of infections is high among those Those who have been vaccinated.

One more… maybe I’ll be too unpopular and criticize me for it, but I still have to say that we’ve pushed ourselves into a corner and with education, declaring that we’re never going to lose our education. will never stop again. In my opinion, a few weeks ago it was necessary to either spend on extra leave for the kids or spend it on distant studies. The difference from the previous year would be for a limited time, at least one month. To curb that huge, 20 percent weekly increase in cases.

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What awaits us after late? People will ride, meet, share – what will happen?

In a few weeks we will see some peak again. That’s why I have said it before and I say now that it would have been very important for us to reach that peak and start falling sometime late. For four days, great communication causes some surge, some flash.

Watch the full conversation in the video at the beginning of the article.


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