PS5 Digital Edition vs. Xbox Series S: What’s the Cheapest Console for You?

PS5 Digital Edition vs. Xbox Series S: What's the Cheapest Console for You?

This PS5 digital version And Xbox Series S. Both ask the unusual question: What if you don’t have to spend a fortune on a next-gen console? When full-featured PS5 And Xbox Series X. It will cost about $ 500, with both companies offering a cheaper option. For Sony, the PS5 is a digital edition: a $ 400 console that doesn’t have a disk drive, but it’s similar to the PS5. For the microsoft .ft, the Xbox Series S is a all 300 all-digital console optimized for quad HD output over UHD.

While the PS5 Digital Edition and the Xbox Series S do not meet exactly the same requirements, they both present the same idea: a cheaper alternative to the full-priced Next-Gen console. As such, it is worth comparing the two machines, although a) they do not compare apples to apples, and b) we cannot be sure how the two systems will stack up until they try for themselves.


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