PUPR FLPP reminds banks to expedite queuing service for SiKasep users

PUPR FLPP reminds banks to expedite queuing service for SiKasep users

I still remind the implementing bank to accelerate the user queue service information system for housing subsidized mortgages or CCASEP.

Jakarta (Antara) – Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing through Housing Financing Fund Management Center (PPDPP) has re-implemented banks/distributors to speed up the queue service for users for Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP). reminded to. Housing Subsidized Mortgage Information System Application.

“I continue to remind banks to intensify queuing services for users of the Housing Subsidized Mortgage Information System, or SICASP, for users of the Housing Subsidized Mortgage Information System,” PPDPP Chairman Director Arif Sabruddin said in a written statement in Jakarta on Saturday.

According to Areef, the average implementing bank serves SiKasep users for 100 days, based on the evaluation done by PPDPP.

“I think it’s still too long,” he said.

Based on the recapitalization of the occupancy rate of Jahtera houses as of August 20, which were contracted in 2016-2020, 74.7 per cent of the 32,255 units were single-inhabited.

Arif Sabaruddin said, “It is encouraging, one year after the entry into force of the credit agreement, the FLPP prosperous KPR House has a high occupancy rate.”

Earlier, the PUPR ministry had asked the implementing bank/fund channel for Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP) to follow up with 60,000 potential SiKasep debtors in 2020.

PPDPP Chairman Director, Arif Sabaruddin said that based on the data, there were still around 60,000 potential debtors registered in 2020, but the banking side did not comply. Thus, it is necessary to settle it immediately before depositing it to the potential debtor in 2021.

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Areef explained that the majority of potential debtors registered with CicaSep have chosen housing locations and have passed the checking subsidy.

The follow-up action to be taken by the Implementing Bank is to determine whether it is bankable or not based on the risk analysis of each Implementing Bank, and contact the SiKasep user.

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