Readers pick the best smartphone camera in a blind test

It’s time not the editors, but the community, this time pick the best smartphone cameras out of seven smartphones. A total of 112 recordings were to be examined in detail and a winner was chosen for each, which is why the blind trial was divided into two rounds with eight recordings.

For the fifth time, the Computerbase community can decide which smartphone currently takes the best pictures from selected motifs. Editors experimented with the format for the first time in late 2016, another round in 2019 with significantly more smartphones and motifs. Last year was the next round specifically for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, soon followed by the Vivo X60. The Pro was first blind tested specifically for video recording.

Voting in two rounds

Today editors are devoting themselves to classic photos again. The format has been slightly adjusted for this year, as the number of 112 shots from 7 smartphones and 16 motifs quickly becomes confusing, comparing just one at a time to a tedious task. In the previous two comparisons with fewer photos, the editors had already noticed that many of the photos further in the test received significantly fewer votes than the photos at the beginning of the article. So this time the blind test takes place in two rounds, with eight motifs each. The first part will only include daylight shots, while part 2 will also include night shots.

pictures taken like this

The following applies to all photos: All smartphones included in the test were operated with their current software (as of March 28) and with the default camera settings in automatic mode. This time, the photos were not resized to the lowest common denominator to hide the source, as all the smartphones involved take pictures with a resolution of around 12 MP. The files were changed only to the extent that the removal of EXIF ​​data meant that no conclusion could be drawn about the smartphone used in each case.

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Any member of the computerbase registered with the Forum can participate in the election. Only one favorite can be selected per survey. If you just want to see the results without affecting the survey, you can “abstinence (show results)“. The duration of each poll is four days (four times of 24 hours) from the publication of this article. Accordingly, voting will close at 12:00 noon on 5 April. Later, after a short break, eight more recordings will be held. With the publication of the second round planned, before the evaluation of the results, the announcement of the winner and the disclosure of the participating instruments is followed.

Figure 1 – Old National Gallery

Figure 2 – S-Bahn station Hackescher Markt

Motif 3 – Berlin State Library

Motif 4 – Audi quattro in drive. Volkswagen Group Forum


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