Realme asks users how to copy Apple’s Dynamic Island

Realme asks users how to copy Apple's Dynamic Island

Chinese Smartphone Manufacturers my true form makes no secret of it,”dynamic island“From Apple. The company is also asking its fans for ideas on how to implement this feature.

“Dynamic Island” was positively received.

“Dynamic Island” is an innovation that Apple recently introduced when introducing iphone 14 pro Presented. that’s what the company calls them pill shaped recessthat traditional notch Took place. This “island” allows a quick access Some apps like Spotify or on Timer if they are running in background.

The dynamic island changes size depending on the app running.

reactions were quite positive on “Dynamic Island”, even though they were in future field testing not completely sure could.

Competition among Realme fans

In any case, Realme has reason enough to have competition among his fans and to ask that his “dream island“The UI around the camera hole can morph into different shapes and sizes to show incoming calls, notifications, and more,” company writes,

Reality is also ready for the island.

Fans can submit pictures, gifs, or even just descriptions, like “realme island“Could see. The winning idea should be evaluated by realme developers and may be integrated into the software in the future.

Xiaomi with “Smart Island”

Realme isn’t the only Chinese smartphone maker to love Apple’s Dynamic Island. Just a few days after the presentation of the new Apple phone, the theme developers released something similar for the Xiaomi smartphone. This customized user interface As of now it is only available in Chinese.

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