“Rebuild Your Home” New Building Law for 2021 and How to Get Licensed in All Governors

New building law of 2021 We explain to you, because the actual implementation of requirements for new construction 2021 has begun in all governorates, and citizens are demanding that technology centers start the licensing process in accordance with the new building law 2021, which has been approved was taken by the government some time ago, after the conciliation period for breach of building had expired.

new building law 2021

According to the Unified Building Law issued in 2008, after accepting all requests for reconciliation on building violations and paying the severity of reconciliation by citizens, all governorates in the new building requirements 2021 aim to regulate urban space, remove slums Violation is not to be allowed. to be built, and ensure that utilities are entered for all buildings and minimize randomness.

New building requirements in all governorates 2021

According to the Ministry of Local Development, some new building requirements for 2021 apply to all governorates, but only to cities and not to villages, and require citizens to build on plots of land with an area of ​​approximately 175 square metres. Is allowed. Rate of 100% subject to compliance with easement rights and elevations, and subject to the following conditions:

  • Construction should not be allowed in densely populated areas.
  • Partial construction is allowed in areas with medium density.
  • Building a parking garage is a requirement for construction.
  • Please provide a genuine testimonial.
  • An engineering office or hiring an engineer to prepare an engineering officer and all related credentials.
  • Depending on the characteristics of each region or province, the width of the road will determine the height of the structure.
  • The new building rules for 2021 do not apply to all governorates’ villages.
  • The front is painted.
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New building permit phase 2021 in all governorates

According to the new Building Standard 2021 in all governorates, citizens must follow the steps specified in the new Building Permit Act 2021 to obtain a permit:

  • The citizen has to apply at the technology center in the city or neighborhood where the property is located.
  • The citizen gets a building permit according to the form created in the technology center.
  • A copy of the notified contract, a copy of the identity card, and a copy of the authorization statement attached to the form, provided that the Technology Center official has been informed of the origin of the notified contract.
  • Citizens can choose from a variety of interface templates.
  • The citizen may seek the assistance of an engineering consultant, engineer, or Syndicate of Engineers to prepare his papers.
  • The appointed engineer will be accountable to the concerned authorities.
  • The drawing and engineering file should be prepared by the Chief Engineer.
  • Submit the file, as well as all supporting documents.
  • The technology center officials review the applications.
  • The technology center informs the person that they will get their license after paying the cost after 20 days.


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