Record breaking in IT recruitment this year! Record breaking in IT recruitment this year!

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New Delhi: Top 10 IT companies in the country have hired 1.21 lakh employees in the first half of June 2021, the highest in five years.
Sources said that Kovid-19 has been a boon for IT companies. Around the world in the wake of the pandemic BusinessIndustries are trying to go digital. As a result, the demand for software services has grown exponentially. Major companies like TCS, Infosys and Wipro have seen double-digit revenue growth this year.
Sources said that out of the ten companies in the last five years, the highest recruitment was done in 2019. These companies hired 45,649 employees in the first half. Experts in the field said that the number of recruitments will go up to two lakh throughout the year.
Sources said the IT sector is the biggest employer in the country. It provides employment to 4.5 million people. The share of IT sector in GDP is 8%. In 1992-93 it was only 0.4 per cent. The size of the IT sector in 1991 was one billion 150 million. 1,200 in 9 cities across the country businesses Survey was done.

The country’s employment grew by 11 percent in the first quarter
Recruitment in the country grew by 11 per cent in the April-June quarter as local restrictions were eased in the wake of the second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak. The highest employment information is 61%.of technology are in the field. This information has come out from a survey conducted by Valuevox for Indid India.
A survey report titled ‘Indeed India Hiring Tracker’ has been released by both the organizations. It said that recruitment in India grew by 11 per cent in the quarter ended June 2021. Notice with 61% growth-Technology The region topped in recruitment. The financial services sector grew by 48 per cent, while the BPO ITES sector grew by 47 per cent.

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web title: Record breaking in IT recruitment this year!

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