Redmi K40 Pro and Redmi Note 10 series can come without charger

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Apple removed the charger from its iPhone devices a few months ago. Following in the footsteps of Apple, Xiaomi followed the same trend in its Mi 11 smartphone. However, unlike Apple, Xiaomi gave customers the option of taking the charger in the retail box. Xiaomi’s Mi 11 smartphone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. Now Redmi is preparing to launch its flagship smartphone. The brand’s general manager Lu Weibing has confirmed that the Redmi K40 Pro smartphone will come with Snapdragon 888 processor. Prior to the official launch of the phone, its retail box has been leaked online.

2 boxes seen in the leaked image of Redmi K40 Pro
Two different boxes appear in the leaked image. These two boxes differ only in the size of the packaging. One box is thick, while the other box is thin. It is being speculated that the charger may not have been provided in the thin box. It seems that Redmi is adopting the same strategy that Xiaomi adopted for the Mi 11 smartphone. This phone comes without a charger, but it also has a second variant, which has a charger in the box. However, there is no difference in the pricing of the two. The two models in the Redmi K40 series can be Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro.

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Redmi Note 10 can also remove charger
Apart from this, Redmi can also remove the charger from the box of another device Redmi Note 10. Lu Weibing, the general manager of the Redmi brand, recently asked for suggestions on the upcoming smartphone series Redmi Note 10 in a post by Weibo. In the comments of the post, some users suggested removing the charge from the box. In one such comment, Weibing replied, ‘Message received’. This indicates that the charger can also be removed from the retail box of this smartphone. Smartphone makers say that the move to remove the charger from the box is environment friendly. Also, he says that most users already have chargers at home.

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