Redmi Note 11 Pro: The most budget smartphone with 200 megapixel camera

Redmi Note 11 Pro: The most budget smartphone with 200 megapixel camera

Chinese “design masters” fantasized about the appearance of a promising smartphone Redmi Note 11 Pro, which is scheduled to be released next spring. The creators of the composition are experts from Technizo Concept Studio.


The organization’s experts have so far managed to “squeeze” a camera with an unprecedented resolution of 200 megapixels into a budget device. You can get acquainted with the result of the efforts made by the designers in the video presented.

The Technizo Concept visualizer didn’t bother with the front panel of the promising smartphone, focusing on the rear of the device with the Redmi logo at the bottom. annoying millions of users PostScript 5G.

The flight of craftsmen’s imagination also extended to the camera blog (three sensors, two of which look quite large, and an LED flash).

Presented by the designers, the Note 11 Pro houses the aforementioned 200-megapixel module. Samsung was the first to announce its intention to release a serial smartphone with such a lens, but its promise to show the world a related device this spring didn’t come true.

In addition, the “batten” was intercepted by Xiaomi, whose management promised to equip it with a 200-megapixel camera Flagman Mi 12 in the fourth quarter of this year. The Redmi brand joined the ranks of promises a few days back.

Whether the rendering of the Note 11 Pro is coordinated with the manufacturer’s management or the result of an independent initiative by Technizo concept designers is unknown.

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