Remove it immediately.. Google banned 8 dangerous apps


UK cyber security experts have warned Android users about 8 common apps leaking malware into smartphones.

On Tuesday, Google Play removed an application carrying the Joker virus, which is capable of installing hidden spyware that enrolls users in expensive fraudulent monthly subscription plans without their knowledge.

And the Belgian police wrote in a post on their website yesterday, “High-level alert… The Joker virus is back in the Android environment… and was discovered in several Google applications, which should be removed. Phone Immediately.”

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Joker was first discovered in 2019, but has recently made a dramatic comeback. In fact, cyber security researchers recently revealed that they have observed a “significant increase” in apps affected by the Joker malware.

Phone security company Zimperium says it has seen more than 1,000 new clown samples since its last report on the issue in 2020.

The company warns that cyber thieves regularly look for new and unique ways to introduce this malware into official and unofficial app stores.


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