Restore Your Deleted WhatsApp Messages Follow These Steps

Restore Your Deleted WhatsApp Messages Follow These Steps

WhatsApp Trick: Many people use WhatsApp for chatting. WhatsApp is also used to forward photos and videos to friends. If you accidentally delete a message while chatting several times, use this easy trick to get the message back. This trick allows you to restore deleted messages.

local backup
-If you accidentally delete a message from WhatsApp chat, you can recover that message from local backup. Do the process for this-
First of all open the file manager on the phone. If your phone does not have file manager then download file manager from play store.
There will be a folder named WhatsApp in the file manager. Open that folder.
Select the Database option in the WhatsApp folder.
– You will see chat history in database option.
– Set chat history by date and find deleted messages in it.
-If your phone has SD card backup instead of internal storage. So copy that message from it. Paste the message in the database folder of the WhatsApp folder created in the phone’s internal storage.
Now uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp from the phone.
-After installing, allow WhatsApp to restore your chat history will appear on the phone screen. Then click on Allow.
-Then select the database folder for the chat backup of the old date. Find the date in which you want to re-message. Now rename that file. In the meantime, just remove the date from that filename.
– After that uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp from WhatsApp phone. You will receive a deleted message.

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