Restrictions on construction of hydropower plants in protected areas

Restrictions on construction of hydropower plants in protected areas

The new law on renewable energy sources will ban the construction of all hydroelectric plants in protected areas, the Minister of Mining and Energy, Jorana Mihjlovov, announced.

“In conservation areas, whether it is the first, second or third, it will not be possible to build hydroelectric plants of any kind or power, whether they are small, small derivatives, large.” Mini-Hydro Power Plants, Mihjlovic said. There were really many problems with derivative people in particular and we don’t have time to think about the past. “

According to Zorana Mihajlovic, the mini-hydro power plant is a subject that has been talked about a lot and “which may have to be resolved through another law under the jurisdiction of another ministry, but since it is a renewable energy There is also the question. ” Sources, we decided to regulate through new legislation on renewable energy sources.

He said that, there are already large hydroelectric plants in the nature park, such as Djerap, the draft law states that a hydroelectric plant can be constructed in these areas only on the basis of the decision of the government, if it is of national interest. in.

The Minister of Mines and Energy said during his visit to the wind farm in Kovica that Serbia aims to invest more in all types of renewable energy sources, so that by 2040 at least 40 percent of the energy will come from these sources, the ministry said

“We believe that this goal is realistic with respect to Serbia’s ability in the field of renewable energy sources, the law, the state’s readiness to create good conditions for business, as well as the interest of investors,” Mihajlovic said.

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The minister said that this is a year of great changes in the field of energy and it determines in which direction Serbia energy will go for the next 10, 20, 30 years.

“This wind farm is a symbol of green energy, climate-neutral development, new technologies and how we see the future development of Serbia.” Also, the good news is the continuation of this investment and the construction of another wind farm, ‘Pupin’, for which an energy permit has been issued, “Mihajlovic announced.

He reported that since 2014, eight wind power plants have been built, with a total capacity of close to 400 MW, and two more under construction, which will bring the total capacity of wind power plants to close to 600 MW.

“We want to invest more in other forms of renewable energy sources, such as solar or geothermal energy, and I believe the new laws we have designed that will speed up all processes and the electronic issuance of all permits We will get started, we will get that done, ”she said. Mihajlovic.


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