Robots to support caregivers

Robots to support caregivers


Staffing conditions in nursing are more than stressful. So technical solutions in the care sector are being worked on at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. This includes trying and further developing innovative ideas such as nursing robots.

The Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences has been researching the development of the CARE robot for a long time. They are already in action. “In the previous project, the robot Leo was primarily responsible for disinfecting door handles in nursing homes using UV lamps. But they can also serve drinks, play music, tell jokes, or provide light entertainment,” explains Tobias Werner of the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences Research Center.

support for caregivers

At the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, technical solutions are being worked out in the care sector to provide relief to relatives. It involves trying and developing innovative ideas. These were presented at a conference in Dornburn on Tuesday.

So the robot can also entertain. That is why it is suitable for the care of the elderly. “It is very interesting that children and very old people like to interact with this type of machine,” says Katrin Palden from the Research Center at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences.


App Solutions for Telecare

A lot is happening in telecare too. Remote care is primarily aimed at older people who wish to remain independent within their four walls for as long as possible. “Combining sensor connections in their own living environments with notifications to relatives so they know everything is fine at home,” explains Paladan Ideas.

There is another technical solution to this. With the “Ales Clara” app, professionals in the fields of care and psychology support caregivers with everyday challenges. “Wherever I have questions, the app can help and wants someone by my side,” says Nicole Traxler from the “Ales Clara” app.

different glasses should help

Other digital considerations are various specs. One helps the nursing staff understand the topic of dementia from the perspective of those affected, with the other you can walk through the heart.

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