Rumor: Resident Evil Revelation 3A switch will be released “Focused”, says Capcom Insider

Rumor: Resident Evil Revelation 3A switch will be released

Capcom, as you may recall, recently suffered a major leak. He largely confirmed that numerous projects are on the way – one called a game Resident Evil Outbreak, Which is scheduled for Q4 2021.

According to the well-known Capcom interior Evening Golem – Who created the number Accurate predictions In recent times – this game really is Resident Evil Revelation 3 (Even if it doesn’t go by this name) And perhaps more interestingly, it will be a “switch-centric RE game” – in which the hybrid system is the main platform. That’s exactly what I had to say here By reset era:

“I lost the weight of the options, I think long-term people believe there’s a 3 outbreak and it doesn’t hurt to help if it’s not present, but I’ve also got a 100% confirmed indignation RE switch. Not to be outdone, but it’s for all purposes and purposes, and its switch-centric RE game (not the exclusive switch, though it’s all coming, the switch though was the lead platform). I know you know this. You’ve just made a decision and think it’s going to be public anyway. “

Earlier in August this year, Dusk Golem said that Capcom would soon introduce a new Monster Hunter game on the switch and that it would run on a switch compatible version of the RE engine instead of the company’s old MT Framework engine. Later in September, Capcom announced Monster Hunter Rise – Running on its RE engine – will arrive exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in March next year.

Apocalypse was the last entry in the series Resident Evil Revelation 2 – Takes an episode on the existing horror series that originally started in 2015 and will eventually appear on Switch in 2017.

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