Russia fired satellite, missile put astronauts in danger

Russia fired satellite, missile put astronauts in danger

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday night condemned the “irresponsible” missile test. As he put it, the destruction of a Russian satellite has created space debris that is “endangering the lives of astronauts, the integrity of the International Space Station, and the interests of nations.”

The US Space Command said Monday’s rocket test resulted in more than 1,500 traceable debris orbiting Earth. These will probably disintegrate into hundreds of thousands of smaller pieces and will orbit the Earth for years, if not decades.

This poses a significant risk to the crew of the International Space Station and other manned space activities, as well as the satellites of many countries.

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According to US General James Dickinson, Russia has shown that it intentionally vomits on the security and defense of outer space. As he noted, Russia is developing and deploying capabilities and equipment designed to actively block access to outer space for the United States and its allies.

Due to a possible collision with space debris, the seven-member ISS crew had to make an emergency return to Earth twice on Monday in a spacecraft docked at the space station.

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