Russians are creating an asphalt concrete mix that is unique in the world

Sputnik Vitaly Belousov

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Scientists at Yaroslavl State Technical University have created a new hybrid material based on industrial and household waste for use in road construction.

According to the investigators, this discovery has many environmental and economic benefits. This was reported by the press office of the university on 30 June.

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Specialists from Yaroslavl University created a granular asphalt concrete mix obtained using industrial and household waste. As a result of their research, experts were able to obtain a new hybrid material that can be put on the road using classic techniques and techniques.

Experts believe that the absence of proven technologies to obtain sustainable hybrid materials is hindering the wastewater treatment process in Russia.

The research carried out by university experts is aimed at developing a new technology for the production of asphalt concrete mix, where industrial waste can be used as metal filler. As for plastic bottles, they can be used as bitumen, as a material that extends the life of the road.

Alexey Ignatiev, director of the Institute of Construction and Transport Engineering, said that the invention is unique in the world at the moment. The research results showed that the hybrid material meets the requirements of all standards and standards applicable to the specifications of asphalt concrete mix.

It is noteworthy that the hybrid material preparation technology is the production of granules with a size of 3 to 15 mm inside a rotating drum where portions of pre-prepared and crushed waste are introduced. As a result of rotational motion, granules are formed. In the structure of the hybrid material, the particles are distributed in an orderly manner.

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Source: RIA Novosti


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